ELR 200 – 201

Decorative Rails

Eldeco Aluminium Decorative Rails provide modern and decorative solutions for your windows covering. Functional, High Quality and Practical applications of our rails enable to be used in residences, commercial buildings, villas, public buildings and hospitals.

Thanks to the professional and practical ceiling and wall supports, Eldeco rails are installed easily. White, Silver, Gold, Bronz and inox are main production colors for our rails.

While delivered in 600 cm, can also be delivered in single custom sizes with individual packaging.

With Eldeco bending machines, most of rails are bendable practically.



  • Decorative and Idela solutions for the Window coverings
  • Single and Double Support and Rail Options
  • Awailable in Silver,Gold,Bronz Colors
  • Lenght :600 cm and Individual packaging is awailable as per required size.
  • Easy Istallation to Wall .
  • Ideal for Internationally accepted runners,roulettes
  • Ideal for Residence, Offices,Hotels,Villas etc.

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These rails provide decorative,modern,ideal and practical solutions for window treatments

Easy Mounting

Can be mounted to both ceilings and walls easily.


Bendable with Eldeco Bending Machine up to 90

Quick Delivery

Quick production and Delivery facilities