*Eldeco Flexi pvc rail

*Bendable by hand

*Ceiling and wall supports

*Special rollers, end cups

*Ideal for Balcons, Buys

*Easy and Practical Installation

*Packed as set in 10, 20 mt.

*All components included required per mt.


Eldeco Pvc Flexi rail is very practical and easy to bend manually .It can be mounted easly with its special ceiling supports . Due to the metal put inside of pvc , it can be bent manually. Ideal for zigzag windows,balcons,speration areas,bay balcons etc. All components are delivered together.We produce and pack as 5-10-20 mt package

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As can be bent easily by manual, this product is very practical.

Easy Mounting

Can be mounted to wall and ceiling with its special mounting supports.


Due to the metal inside,it is bendable manually.

Quick Delivery

Can be delivered in 10-20 mt package